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Outer Layer: Functional Performance

We apply the industry’s leading antimicrobial fabric finishing called Silvadur, by Dupont and a breathable water droplet-repellent fabric finishing by Archroma to the 100% cotton outer layer of fabric.  Silvadur’s polymeric nature, low-dosage profile and formulation composition is EPA approved and works to neutralize odor, bacteria, and other microbes with organic Silver ion technology.  In addition, water repellent finishing by Archroma prevents droplet transmission through the surface and does not impair breathability.  We have a range of test results and and certifications which meet the highest industry standards.  Our face masks perform for you.

Full-Service Face Mask Manufacturer

Our antimicrobial and water-repellent face masks are certified safe by OKEO-TEX, and have passed professional tests for breathability and meet the CDC recommendations:

  • Antimicrobial Silvadur fabric finishing by Dupont
  • Water repellent fabric finishing by Archroma
  • Triple-layer construction (cotton outer layer with performance features; 2 layers of fine cotton gauze for wicking and comfort)
  • Filter pocket for inserting a filter for an extra layer of protection
  • Fully adjustable ear elastics with soft patented double-stoppers & bendable nose bridge.
  • 30+ washes test reports reveal water repellent & antimicrobial finishes are still active
  • 3 sizes ages 2+: Toddler, Child, and Adult
  • Retail packaging is attractive and shows product visibly. Sizes are color-coded. Click here to view retail packaging.
  • Very comfortable. We have made hundreds of thousands of reusable cotton masks in this same construction with terrific feedback.

We began manufacturing face masks in 2/2020, but our decades-long history of fabric engineering and finished goods developments has prepared us to be a full-service face mask supplier for large-sized corporations, retailers, hotels, and schools for design, development, manufacture, and fulfilment in a speedy and professional process. 


High-quality, durable masks are protective and comfortable, while reducing environmental impact.    


Contact us today to inquire about bulk pricing and lead-times for your organization.


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Inner-Layer: Comfort, Wicking, Filter Pocket

HB Masks are three layers of soft, finely woven breathable fabric with a 2-layer inner filter pocket gauze is made from your choice of 100% Cotton or a cotton + Coolmax All Season blended performance fiber for moisture-wicking and temperature regulating. The masks are adjustable on the nose bridge and with soft rubber toggles on the ear elastics. Masks are available in three sizes.

Certified Sustainable

Our masks are certified by OKEO-TEX and Bluesign for their production processes and standards to be free from harmful toxins.  Be confident to wear a face mask designed to keep you safe, dry, odor-free, and fresh.  Our mask materials are designed for longevity and quality so together we reduce our global consumption of non-biodegradable disposable goods and materials.  Our masks have been tested withstand 30+ washes and 50+ washes.

What should you look for in a Face Mask?

The market is overwhelmed with a variety of face masks, but few meet government health guidelines established for safety standards against virus transmission. When choosing a mask, please keep in mind the following key elements:


    1. Antimicrobial and water-repellent fabric finishing:  Does the mask have an antimicrobial function to prevent the virus from growing on your mask surface?   Silvadur by DuPont is a performance fabric finishing which has been approved by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and poses few risks due to the natural Silvadur element which organically destroys the outer membrane of protozoans such as bacteria, mold, mildew, and virus.  In addition to an Antimicrobial property, masks should protect against water droplet transmission by blocking any water absorption and movement through the fabric.  Excellent face masks will be water repellent to prevent Covid-19 virus transmission.
    2. Filters:  Reusable masks are suggested to be should be three layers for ideal filtration and safety.  Masks should also include a pocket for inserting an added layer of protection. Disposable filters with 5 layers of material with a carbon filter layer will provide a maximum degree of protection to filter against external particles such as pollution, dust, and viruses.
    3. Breathability:  Make sure the face mask you purchase is breathable with a natural material that allows for air flow and ventilation.  Face masks do not need to restrict your air flow in order to block viruses from entering your nose and mouth.
    4. Fit:  A very important factor for face masks is ensuring the fit adequately covers your entire mouth and nose without gaps.  The mask should stay on your face comfortably and securely with an adjustable element for tightness and head-size and nose tightening element to complement your face shape.  Children’s masks are equally critical to ensure a comfortable fit.  Look for masks with multiple size options and adjustable features.
    5. Customized Logo:  It is not essential, but when schools, corporations, and businesses have a unified logo face mask, the entire crew appears cohesive and presentable.  It is important to look for embroidered masks or high-quality printed masks to withstand frequent washing and handling.  Logo face masks and school mascot masks may be viewed as an added feature or as part of a student uniform for safety and sustainable standards.
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