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Our Manufacturer

Henry & Bros., is happy to share our full-service home textiles manufacturer with the world – New Focus Textiles, Ltd., located in Hong Kong.   Hand-in-hand, their team has coordinated and developed our entire collection since 2013 with state-of-the art digital development & fabric CAD design services, merchandising operations, manufacturing with Grade A quality control, and fulfilment.


New Focus Textiles provides full-service finished goods in lounge and home textiles as a manufacturer in South China/Hong Kong/Vietnam est. 2007 with a long-standing reputation for fabric innovation, premium woven expertise, and sustainable production.   R&D, design, and marketing team are located in Hong Kong.  Manufacturing headquarters in Vietnam and China


Their passion for sustainability is evident in their widely distributed 

    • Sustainability Journals
    • Certifications and Awards
    • Recycled Cotton and Recycled Polyester collections each season
    • Overall company ethos

The Best Fabric Capabilities in South China

World-class in-house engineering and servicing from concept to fulfilment with a highly experienced team 

    • Grade A rating by international standards; OKEO-TEX 100 
    • Sustainable products with Supima, Dupont, Coolmax, Okeo-tex, etc and A+ industrial collaborations with Lenzing.
    • In-house textile development, manufacture, fulfilment operation
    • Woven & knit fabric development with premium materials and engineering 
    • State of the art printing and finishing
    • Garment cut, sew, and trim detailing 

Contact Them!

Learn more about New Focus Textiles vertical production for finished goods and explore a range of NF Truly sustainable fabrics from in-house engineering and development

    • Home 
    • Loungewear
    • Apparel
    • Face masks


Email  info@newfocustex.com

New Focus Sustainability Journals

Henry & Bros., Direct to Market Option

For retailers seeking an established children’s home label with flexible branding options, Henry & Bros., welcomes collaborations and customized production for corporations, retailers, and brands with a vertical channel to New Focus Textiles’ full team of designers, merchandisers, and factories.  New seasonal developments in sustainable and ecologically produced products and processes are featured in Henry & Bros., direct-to-market collections.


We Handle the Inventory and Fulfilment

  • Henry & Bros., marketing and sales tools
  • Branded hangtags – premium fibers, finishings, and certifications OKEO-TEX, Bluesign, Join Life qualified
  • Vertical fabric capabilities; Custom collections for large retailers; fulfilment
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